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Carbon FibreTracking Bars and Tyre Trolleys

Carbon FibreTracking Bars
Tracking Bars are a Lightweight Carbon Fibre Construction
Carbon Fibre Tracking Bars
*Our Tracking Bars are Very Stylish
*Finished to your specifications

Tyre Trolleys
Tyre Trolley.JPG
U7C Tyre Trolleys

U7C Tyre Trolley
Tyre Trolley View showing castors.JPG
Tyre Trolley View showing castors

Our Tyre Trolleys are Super Trolleys for the storage and movement of tyres around the garage.

These tyre trolleys are made to accommodate a 13inch rim and are made with a locating lip so that a set of wheels and tyres can be easily moved to where they are needed. Trolleys are fitted with 4 X 4inch casters, of which one is braked.

For more information contact us by phone or e-mail.

Tracking Bar Specifications 
Tracking Bars are made of Carbon Fibre Tube with Aluminium Ends. 
Standard Tracking Bar ends are polished aluminium but can be anodized to match team livery
The Tyre Trolleys accommodate a 13inch rim and have a locating lip. Trolleys are fitted with 4 X 4inch casters, of which one is braked
Can be black or natural
Here are some examples of products we can offer:

* Carbon Fibre Fabrication
* Metal Fabrication
* Bespoke Air Suspension 

We can adapt each product to fit specific customer needs. For example the end cap can be anodized in various colours to match your current equipment or team livery. Contact us with your needs and we can work with you on the product specifications.
Unit 7 Creations Ltd, Tel: (+44) 01327 850 661