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U7C T Shirts

Baby P T Shirt
Baby P Remembrance Day T Shirt Design

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Baby P Remembrance Day
U7C design for the Baby P Remembrance Day T Shirt

This shows the U7C design of the T Shirtfor the Baby P Remembrance Day.  The price for this is only 5.50 with One pound from the sale of this T Shirt being donated to the NSPCC in Remembrance of Baby P.  We are producing these shirts at materials cost only and are making no profit for these so please be patient if you feel we are not getting back to you quickly enough - we are doing our best to accommodate everyone.  Click here to order your T Shirt or Hooded Sweat.

Baby P T Shirt Newsflash!! See below.....
Yellow Tumbling Childs Block
Baby P Remembrance Day T Shirt Design
Please remember you can wear your T Shirts and Hoodies anytime to keep this issue in the forefront of people's minds in order we remember that - according to Government statistics - whilst we are enjoying the sunshine today somwhere a child is being abused and murdered by their own parent.  This is a universal social responsibility - not just Social Services.

Baby P Remembrance Hooded Sweat

This is the design for the Baby P Remembrance Day T Shirt.  If you require your shirt or Hoodie for a specific date we will make every effort to post your shirt in time or, if you are nearby, you may collect your pre-ordered shirt/s from our shop in Silverstone, Northamptonshire between 10 am and 7pm or from Fenland in Cambridgeshire before 8.30 am or at weekends -please call to get details.  If you do not require your shirt by a particular date we are really grateful for your patience in allowing us to look after our regular customers.
We really will do our best to accommodate your requirements

We are trying hard to keep costs to a minimum.  Below you will find the postage costs for one T shirt or hooded sweatshirt.  I recommend 2nd class signed for but it is up to you if you wish to chance regular post or 1st class signed for if you just can't wait!  If you are ordering for a few people please tell us that in the notes on the form as we may well be able to adjust the postage for T Shirts down but we are already covering some of the cost for the hoodies so probably won't be able to adjust the price for these. Thank you.

Postage Costs

First Class            Delivery Aim 1 Day Compensation Up to 36 2.14

Recorded (Signed For) First Class  Delivery Aim 1 Day Up to 36 Proof of Delivery 2.89

Second Class  Delivery Aim 3 Days Compensation Up to 36  1.85

Recorded (Signed For) Second Class  Delivery Aim 3 Days compensation Up to 36 Proof of Delivery 2.60

Special Delivery 9.00am Guaranteed by 9:00am next day Compensation Up to 50 Tracked 12.65

Special Delivery Next Day Guaranteed by 1:00pm next day Compensation Up to 500 Tracked 5.40

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