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Suspension Setting Jig Pedal Extensions


Pedal extensions come as a set of nine pieces; each sub set is one, two and three inches long.

Our pedal extensions are finished to a very high standard. The pedal extensions are easy to fit and come in a set of three sizes.

Suspension Setting Jig
Suspension Setting Jig

Use for the assembly of wishbones and pushrods also helps in the preparation of race ready spares.

High quality jig for the accurate setting of suspension wishbones, push rods, dampers and roll bar drop links.
Features 2 sets of chrome plated pins sized at and 5/16 other sizes available on request.
Measuring fixture makes set lengths very accurate.

Here are some examples of What we can offer:

* Carbon Fibre Fabrication

* Metal Fabrication

* Vehicle Specific Air Suspension Kits
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