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Baby P Remembrance Hooded Sweat

Baby P T Shirt Newsflash!! See below.....
Yellow Spinning Childs Block
Baby P Remembrance Day T Shirt Design
This shows the U7C design of the hooded sweatshirt for the Baby P Remembrance Day.  This is priced at 10 with One pound from the sale of this sweatshirt being donated to the NSPCC in Remembrance of Baby P.  We are producing these shirts at materials cost only plus postage and are making no profit for these.
And you can order with the form below: Please note, we need to have an email address in order to forward your invoice.
T Shirt Sizes are pretty generous S, M, L, XL                          price only 5.50
Hoodies are Fruit of the Loom regular sizes, S, M, L, XL.         price only 10.

If you would like to see the T Shirt design click here.


The smallprint:
Please note:  Unlike our Government - We will not use your personal information which you supply for the purposes of this order to sell on to anyone else for financial gain or otherwise AT ALL.  Your information is stored for invoicing purposes with regards to your order.  The information we have stored about you is safer with us than with a lot of other organisations we could mention and is definitely not stored online - anywhere.  If you ever want to contact us you can of course bookmark this page and review any new information and our contact details on our site at your leisure I am sure you do not need us bothering you - unless, of course, you want us to!!!. Donna

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Baby P T Shirt Newsflash!! See below.....
Baby P Remembrance Day T Shirt Design

Quick News Flash...............
If you would still like a T Shirt or Hoodie in order to remind people of the issues raised by the Baby P case you can still order yours here at the same rate - and donations will continue to be forwarded to the NSPCC in Remembrance of Baby P.
We would like to thank you all for your continued support.