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u7c Ltd Brake Bleed Bottle
Carbon Fibre Brake Bleed Bottle



Unit 7 Creations Ltd Design and Build Motor Racing Equipment for the pit lane and the garage.

U7C Ltd is the UK dealer for Painless Wiring and Performance products.  U7C supplies *Air Suspension and *lambo door kits for your car.  We make a range of *garage and pit tools and equipment.


We also design TShirts personally for you or your race team.


And much more


*IF ANYTHING were possible what Pit Equipment would you like?

*IF ANYTHING were possible what Garage Equipment would you have


Well now you can have it - we will design it for you, or work from your design.  Call or email us and we will help you make your ideas a reality.

You may purchase any of our items online just click the pay now icon next to the item you wish to buy online - easy!

They are available now!  The U7C

Pit garage power adaptor

Our power adaptor splits a 16amp 3 phase power supply into 3, single phase 13amp plugs. Each fly lead is 30cm long.

Also availible as a 32amp plug, give us a call or email us for details


The U7C Power Adaptor
The U7C Pit garage power adaptor

We have just brought out a new,
Our power adaptor splits a 16amp 3 phase power supply into 3, single phase 13amp plugs. Each fly lead is 30cm long.
Buy it online now.

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Our Company History

We have been in the motor sport business for more than 20 years, and we apply this experience to our customer needs. We have the capabilities to custom-build a product to meet your specific requirements.

Our Business Philosophy

Quality is important to any manufacturer. We emphasize quality throughout each step of our manufacturing process. We also strive to be as efficient as possible so we can offer a competitive price to our customers.

Unit 7 Creations Ltd, Tel: (+44) 01327 850 661
Unit 7 West End Farm, Silverstone, Northants
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