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Motor Racing Products and Equipment

u7c Engine Water Heater
u7c Engine Pre Heater
Here are some of the services we offer
* Air suspension for your specific needs
* Lambo door kits made to measure
* Chassis Skates - to your spec
* Garage & Pit equipment modified to suit you
* T Shirts, Designed and Printed/Embroidered
* Supply Simple Green Specialist Cleaning Products

Our standard Chassis Skates

Here are some of the products we manufacture.
* Carbon Fibre Tracking Bars
* Circuit Power Adaptor
* Suspension Setting Jig
* Carbon Fibre Pit Stop Lollipop 
All our products are built to a very high standard.  We can also custom make any of our products to fit your specific needs.

Please note - the cost of Carbon fibre is going up apace (it has quadrupled in the past year alone) therefore we have to revise costs of our carbon fibre products every time we order more raw product. We do our best to keep our website up to date and the prices you see are correct at the time of updating. You can find the date of last updating here We will endeavour to keep to the prices on our web site as long as possible but reserve the right to increase them at short notice.

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Air Suspension will be individually made for you according to your car specification.
T Shirts can be from your own designs and ideas or we will come up with ideas and designs for your approval.  We can also supply other team kit and workwear, printed or embroidered with your company logo.
Unit 7 Creations Ltd, Tel: (+44) 01327 850 661