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Carbon Fibre Brake Bleed Bottle

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Carbon Fibre Brake Bleed Bottle
Carbon Fibre Brake Bleed Bottle

The Carbon Fibre Brake Bleed Bottle features an integral float which gives a visual indication when the bottle is nearly full.  A bonded chrome hook to hold it onto a brake calliper as standard, however hooks can be tailor-made for any application.  Twin inlet tubes allow for the bleeding of two bleed screws in one operation and non-return valves within the carbon fibre bottle prevent the fluid being drawn back into the calliper during the bleeding process.

The aluminium top cap is sealed in the carbon fibre bottle by two O rings and secured with a button head screw making it virtually impossible for the cap to become dislodged during normal use.  The cap is supplied in a natural finish as standard and again can be anodised to suit.  Large diameter pipe work allows the fluid to pass unrestricted making for faster operation.  Being made of carbon fibre it can easily withstand the temperature of hot brake fluid.
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U7C Ltd can adapt the carbon fibre brake bleed bottle to fit specific customer needs and finishes. Contact us with your requirements and we can work with you on the product specifications.

Here are some examples of products we can offer:

* Carbon Fibre Fabrication
* Metal Fabrication
* Air Suspension Kits tailored to your vehicle
* Bespoke Lambo door kits.

For more information contact us by phone or e-mail.

Carbon Fibre Brake Bleed Bottle Specification:
Carbon Fibre bottle
Aluminium Cap
62 mm dia
220 mm high
750 ml capacity
Features Visual indiator when full
Non Return valves
Can withstand high temperatures
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