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Race Engine Pre-Heaters & Circuit Power Adapter

u7c Ltd Engine Preheaters
u7c engine coolant water pre-heater
Engine Coolant Water Heaters
Engine Pre-Heater
* Timer - Set and go!
* Quality fittings
* Safe connection
* Lightweight

A must for all race engines, reduces start-up wear and ensures that the cylinder head to block seal is as tight as possible at start-up.The U7C water heater uses the tried and trusted Kenlow element to heat the engine coolant to 50 degrees C. The U7C version of the Race Engine Water Heater features an integrated time switch so that the pre-heater can be plugged in overnight and be up to temperature when you arrive in the morning, saving time. The unit is fitted with 2 switches controlling the pump and the heater separately. This enables the race engine cooling system to be fully bled before the water is heated. With safety and reliability in mind the engine pre-heater will only run once the pump is working. The pump can also be used to remove the coolant from an engine with the minimum of fuss and mess. Each Race Engine Coolant Water Heater unit is supplied in a double skinned shock resistant black ABS case, with a 1 metre inlet hose and a 2 metre outlet hose, and carries a full 1 year guarantee. Please note that Dry Break couplings are not included.

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U7C Circuit Power Adapter

U7C Circuit Power Adaptor
You may find this pit garage power adaptor really useful - Our power adaptor splits a 16amp 3 phase power supply into 3, single phase 13amp plugs. Each fly lead is 30cm long.

Also available as a 32amp plug, please call for details

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Engine Pre-Heater Specification
Integral Time Switch
Heats to 50 degress C
Separate Switches for heat and pump
Kenlow heater element
1 metre inlet 2 metre outlet hoses
Tough Black ABS Double Skinned Shock Resistant Case

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