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Auxilliary Cooling Fans


World Series Renault 3.5 Engine Cooling Fans


Zytek Approved

These cooling fans, approved by Zytek, custom made for the World Series Renault 3.5 series are lightweight, easy to handle, look neat and come in a tough carry case.



 Priced at a very reasonable £750 plus VAT per car set.


Please contact us for delivery dates.

Cooling Fan Upgrades requires your old fans to be modified, removing internal battery and switch and replacing them with a quick release electrical connection.  Batteries are stored within the foam lined double wall carry case with external flush fit connectors to allow the fans to be plugged in.  Internal fly leads are provided, allowing your existing fan battery charger to be fitted.
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Double Skinned Case
High Power Batteries
External Flush fit connectors
Internal Fly Leads for your battery charger

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